In 2011 my husband and I carved out a physical space of time and traveled to Sayulita,Nayarit,Mexico. What began as a 3 week vacation morphed into spending the next 8 years ( 2 months every spring ) volunteering to paint murals at public primarias. Little did we know - from the moment I (an artist) and my husband a painting contractor stepped onto the playground of a local escuella, how it would become the new groundwork for not only noticing our own relationship in new and beautiful ways, but the slowing down of life would also allow us space to notice others in a deeper sense that only taking time can give.


Exchanging our shoes for flip-flops to walk the dusty roads with Jesus? Priceless.


You may assume If I Saw You on Sunday is about Mexico. It is not. It is ( in a sense ) a collection of love letters I wrote to a diverse group of people I just happened to meet over the years, who just happen to live in Mexico. It is about how they impacted my heart and my desire to tell them so.


It is about taking time and noticing each other. 

It is about challenging yourself to see friends, family, neighbors & strangers with a new heart.


It is about letting people you care for KNOW ... while there is still Time.

No matter which corner of the world you are planted, you too can challenge your heart anew. You do not have to travel far and wide - I promise you. Your heart can learn new ways to breathe in love ... right where you are!

And who knows, perhaps you will be inspired to write a letter to someone you care about ... before its too late.

Dios te Bendiga,


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