Interested in Creative Life Coaching?

I believe in taking time for yourself. I believe this is the

key to moving forward, no matter what stage you are at

in life. I believe that creating and claiming your life

message - what you will stand for - builds a confidence

to walk forward and be present in your life - hard days

or soft.


I would love to share with you the following testimonials from

just a few amazing women I have been privileged to walk beside.


They are strong, courageous, vulnerable,loving and



I am ever thankful to have had the privilege of watching 

their lives stretch & grow close up and I thank them for

trusting me with their stories - I thank them for their

kind words and faith in me.


They are True Soul Painters of their own Unfinished Canvas.


If you would like to create your own Life Message

Artwork or need a listening ear please Contact Me Below.








Susan is very friendly and easy to talk with. She genuinely loves and encourages any people who are in her life in a creative and wise manner. She has definitely done that for me! That's just who she is.


                                                                Gloria Butler (Christian Counselor) 







"I have known Susan for over 30 years. I have observed her in many life stages and many life seasons. She has proven to be a woman of insight and wisdom.


She has been a friend & mentor to many over the years and I would trust her with my life & more importantly with the people I love.


She is a natural as a Life Coach."


                                                                Rebecca Monroe (Marriage Counselor) 






Susan makes not just a wonderful Creative Living Coach, but friend. She brings joy and positivity to every conversation - simultaneously giving hope and other useful tools to help change a life. Her passion to live life to the fullest is surely contagious & will inspire anyone in any rut to do the same!


She combines her faith with practicality, giving real-life ways to apply biblical truth. She lovingly walks alongside those in need of help assuring them they are not alone in their journey.


She loves life and people. Add that to her joy and natural ability to encourage and she can offer you the best support, vision & guidance in your journey to live life more passionately!




                                                               Michaela Fox (Young Wife & Mother)

                                                                                                                                  Mount Vernon,WA




Susan has been a close friend for many years now and I am happy to recommend her as a Personal Life & Creative Living Coach.


I have witnessed over the years Susans ability to support,mentor and coach anyone that has been in need of direction in their lives. She has devoted herself to helping others, whether it be her own friends, preganant teens or women going through a life crisis.


Susan has a very loving heart and has wisdom that comes from experiences which provide her with the ability to Life Coach others. Susan is a very dedicated person and truly stands by those in need.


She is also able to be objective and guide without forcing opinions on those she is working with.


Her skills as a coach are numerous; she has the ability to inspire and motivate, help you set goals and follow up with constructive feed-back. Most importantly she is an excellent listener.


 Susan would be a blessing to anyone seeking a Life Coach. I highly recommend her.



                                                                        Marcia Kucera, RN BSN  

                                                                                                                                 Mount Vernon, WA

I have had the honor to witness the life journey of Susan for the last 30 years.


These years spanned her early days as a young mom and wife to now her mid-life years. Within this span of time she experienced some of lifes hardest trials that could send one down to the depths of depression. But despite this, I watched Susan respond to these trials and was intrigued and proud of her for the way she chose to surrender her lifes problems; seeking direction, comfort and wisdom through her faith in a wise way. She wanted to learn from these issues of life that were out of her control rather than be the victim.


Not only has Susan been able to seek wisdom for her own life, she seeks it for others. Where extreme hurts suffered can cause one to become self-focused, she was outward focused!


She has educated herself in assessing the needs of others and in how to encourage others to a life with hope for the future.


I believe God has given Susan a gift of discernment while listening and intuitive insights to those who have come into her life. I have witnessed her wisdom in helping others and she has personally helped me by extending her compassion and genuine love when I walked through my own deep waters. 


                                                                                   Wanda Belton 

                                                                                                                 Life Long Friend & Artist                                                                                                                                              Sunnyvale, CA