The Art of Creating Your Life Message 
















  I would love to have you join me for a private and relaxed time to create a work of     art that makes you feel like you have just taken in a Big Beautiful Breath of New Life!


  Join me in my backyard or mini art studio to Chat  about life, dreams, goals, passions,   challenges or concerns and Create a Unique Collage!

 This is your time to reflect,identify and begin to discover your "life canvas" may just   need some fresh persepective          



                   Sometimes it really IS just as simple as that.            


  Creating your Life Message in a unique art form to hang in your home or office is a       great reminder of what you believe and how you want to live your life.


  Years ago,my husband and I  "adopted" the Message below  as our own, to all who          came into our home. We couldn't have said it better ourselves. The words are from  o one of my favorite poets, Brian Andreas. The artwork is my own collage creation.




                                                                        So - RELAX into Your Moment & 

                                                Celebrate Your Time & Life by Creating

                                                your own personal Life Message Collage




                                         Your Life Message is your Statement.

                                                        Your Mantra.

                                          If someone were to ask...could you

                                           really tell them what that message is?        




                                           Come Create it on Canvas.

                                         Take it Home, Ready to Hang.

                                                 Read it Daily.


                            And Begin to View Your Life as a Beautiful WORK OF ART.



  Sometimes we just need that "Moment to Breathe"​ in order for our Soul to Open up & Feel 

  Refreshed for Everyday Life.    


                                        What will YOUR Message Be?


                                                  3 Hours

                                Cost: $60.00 /flat fee            

                *includes beverage, appetizer, conversation , art tips , art project & all supplies...whew!                        



                    Ask me about Gift Certificates!

  A unique gift for a birthday, Christmas, Mothers Day (Fathers Day?), Graduation  or transitional time in ones life or anytime!