Hello ... I'm so glad we found each other!


Rooted in the beautiful Skagit Valley of Washington State,  you will find that I approach life and growth through creativity and faith; believing that our lives are not a  "Blank Canvas" but simply an "Unfinished  Canvas" with messages that grow and change with us on our journey.

 Each day of our lives we are given the chance to "add to our pallet" To mix new colors, paint over, assess and adjust our lives. 


 What a beautiful gift to wake up to!

 I hope you will walk with me through these pages and perhaps see your own life in new & refreshing ways. I hope you will see messages that speak to you or be inspired to just take time to experience & be okay with the simple beauty of this life within an ordinary day.


 I hope you will explore new places, pull out your paints, listen to music, sing & dance, make new friends & drink  good wines.

 I hope you will eat healthy salads but never forget dessert, hold hands with a stranger, walk through a rain  forest, visit strange lands, laugh often & are not afraid to cry when you need to. 

 I hope you will write in a journal, act on a dream, play in the park, watch old movies, hug tightly & kiss with  passion.


 I hope you will be brave enough, listen well, paint your toes, watch sunsets, read interesting books & remember that the only thing you will ever be 100% sure of in life is This Very Moment - So Be Present. Take time to allow your days & heart to be altered by the Simple Things. 


In the end it will be where your greater dreams are birthed and ushered in. In the end it is where you will know Peace. I promise you this.




 Here's to Taking Time.

Here's to Living a Creative Life.

Here's to You & Me ... right where we are.



 With Love,

  Susan                                                      I would love to hear from you.

                                                                                Drop me a line!