Poetic Portraits


 I have gathered here an offering of other peoples flowers, bringing to them of my own only a

 thread to bind them with.             montaigne


I feel like the luckiest woman alive when asked and given artistic license to capture and tell the story of a loved one through some mere tubes of paint.


It doesn't get better than that!


These are the days when I pull on old clothes, climb the stairs to my art studio, turn on some mood music and sit across from a blank canvas.


I stare at a strangers photo in my hand (who over time and many layers of paint) becomes someone

I seem to know.


My paintbrush strokes their face into being and within a swirl of color - are suddenly alive!


It is literally an overwhelming and beautiful experience, an honor for sure.


If you are interested in a portrait please let me know. I would love to work with you!















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