• Susan Stopinski

Waiting is The Best Part of The Journey!

"Except for the point...the still point...there would be no dance." t.s.elliot

I was thinking about how many times in my life I have been called to wait when I wanted something so badly and time seemed to stretch out before me; the times I resisted the wait and tried fitting my plan into life even if I had to sqeeze it under

the closed door or break a window; the times I felt so uncomfortable seeing a lack of movement, that I could not breathe.

Eyes closed and ears deaf, I wanted what I wanted. In my humaness it is still my struggle.

And those beautiful days when I simply sit down and surrender the moment? Maybe with a glass of wine & a sunset or maybe a walk by the pond behind my home where I've sat and watched the ducks glide down onto the water,making life look so effortless?

I have learned lessons from these ducks that are fully present for the task at hand , which is simply to bask in the summer sun! They do not seem concerned with the trip south for the winter. I don't see them with a notepad, making lists.They peacefully float ,wait and enjoy all that pond has to offer. It is their still point and they are present while they wait for the flight.

It is then I am reminded why my breath was taken away when I was "forcing life"

and I say to myself, "What if all I had was today?"

In my concern,impatience & intollerance for being in the "waiting room" of life, what if this was the last day I experienced? What if I spent it all plotting out my future dream without seeing what was on my path TODAY?

What should we be doing then...while we Wait to BE ___________ ???

(yes,we all have something for that blank!)

One of my favorite authors, Anne Lamott, has a book called Bird by Bird. It is titled this because her brother was writing a book report one weekend and was completely overwhelmed by the project due on Monday.

Annes father told him lovingly," Just take it "bird by bird" buddy..." bird by bird."

One moment at a day at a bird at a time and we will reach our destination. If our focus is only on the dream we will miss some intregal steps in the process of becoming___________.

Dreams require action for sure, but some days that "action" is simply waiting.

Waiting is that quiet spot in our soul that gets us to stop, pick up our wine glass & watch the sunset or marvel at the gliding ducks.

It's also the daily life full of relationships that need healing,conversations to be had, people to hug,a grumpy neighbor to ask over for dinner, apologies to be know, those things we dont feel like dealing with?

All while waiting for ___________.

When one hears over & over again that its not just the destination or the dream , its the journey - listen, because it's truth! The journey contains all those" little daily things" we sometimes think are not part of the " greater plan."

In the end, they are instrumental.

Don't look towards the future saying "I want that" without getting the life you have now in balance. Our reactions to the mundane or ordinary days should speak to us loudly about our future desires. For when your opportunity or time comes around to greet passions or dream's full on, all the pieces will fall together as they should because you have aligned your life in such a way that you now see your "destination" not as great as the Journey itself!

It's a good day to allow your Breath to be Taken Away simply because you surrendered to the waiting moments !