• Susan Stopinski

"Leap of Faith"

Last April my husband and I sat in a cozy open-air joint in

Sayulita, Mexico sipping Margaritas among a happy crowd (well, o.k., the Margaritas did help a bit with that happiness factor! ) where we were all listening to the music of Chris and Susannah Thompson.

This couple from the mid-west travel all over with their 2 children, experiencing life and playing their tunes to smiling faces everywhere. They were such an inspiration as they shared stories about their

journey between songs and how they arrived at their lyrics.

I marveled at how they knew their passion, took a leap of faith and pursued it, even with obstacles to work through.

They are living their "purposeful life"

It's just like you or I. We have passions and are called to leave our mark upon this world, whether near or far from home.

In little ways, in big ways. And without comparing our purpose to others.

We all have still small voices within us that sometimes we ignore because we are comfortable or perhaps scared of finding out what is deeper within - but we are ALL called to leaps of faith. And ALL faith starts with "baby leaps" in the middle of an ordinary day, so we will be ready for the bigger leaps when they come along.

The only question is "Will we answer?"

I could never say it better myself than Wife, Mother, Singer/Songwriter and Passionate Woman Susannah Thompson writes.

Allow me to share her words.

Leap of Faith

"I took a leap of faith and landed far across the river,

I stretched my legs and I was born anew.

I pushed myself to dream of something Alice might encounter

& I dreamed so much that some of it came true!

Before that leap I thought it might be riskier to wander.

Before those dreams, years melted into place.

I know now that the risk is looking back at time you've squandered,

So pinch yourself and take a Leap of Faith."

The line that really gets me from this song is:

"Before those dreams, years melted into place."

That line alone should be enough to keep our hearts willing. Life is too short not to make the leap that leads to flying.

Is there something you have been afraid to step forward with?

An area where you have been afraid to leap?

Perhaps this is your moment.