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Grace has a Friend called "Letting Go"

Last Friday I had a wonderful visit with a woman named Maggie who has been reading my blog. She was curious about last weeks musings on "Grace has A Voice" Especially where the voice of Grace sometimes says,

" Don't say that. You will regret it"

We chatted about how Grace is not always verbal. Grace is that turmoil within our gut or that accelerated heart-rate that tells us we are about to go over the edge; and if we pay attention, we might just have a moment to regroup. Thats Grace.

Maggie felt she was reading about her own life and the difficult, argumentative relationship she lives with where her sister is concerned. No matter how hard she trys to "let go" emotionally, nothing changes and time and time again they are at odds with each other. And Maggie says words she later regrets.

At a crossroad with her sister, Maggie had a question for me:

"Can you share just one thing that I could do tangible thing that could move my heart towards letting go?"

First of all, I smiled. I loved that she wanted to focus on what SHE could do to change...instead of the other person. She could see her prison. The more she pushed, kicked and screamed to be heard - her sister ended up with the last hurtful word and walked away feeling empowered.

First of all its important to try and look at a scene like that and try to remember we are all ready to let go at different times. We all "get it" at different moments.

That's not an excuse for unhealthy behavior - it's just a fact. At some point we have all been the one who wasn't ready.

The one who IS asking the type of questions like "what can I do to move my heart towards letting go..." is the one that will ultimately find freedom sooner; because that is the one who gets

That is the one who is ready to move

That is the one who is ready to receive

Asking questions that change YOU moves YOU onto that path of walking into an answer; simply because your heart is open.

And thats where miracles occur. They may be different then the ones we had in mind...but they do occur if you have eyes to see. Letting go has many rippling effects.

Below, I share one of my "tangibles" I gave Maggie for "letting Go"

Whether you have faith or not, if you are experiencing anxiety over a realtionship that gives you unrest; husband, friend, co-worker, boss, neighbor...someone in your life that you would like to see communication changes happen with ( * I am not talking about physically abusive relationships here...that is completely different and you need to get help asap) perhaps this is for you too.

The longer we shoulder our issues in life, pull up our boots, hold our breath and say "o.k...letting GO now!!" the more we exhaust ourselves and are back at square one...yes?

Recipe for: Letting Go of ________?_________ Attitude

2 Simple Ingredients

1) You will need: 30 Days

2) Pray 5 minutes daily for ______?__________ (who,what?)

It's your prayer, your words.

Warning: the above will require your full willing heart :)

Results? They vary, but here are two main results I have not only experienced but witnessed.

They are simple.

1) Either the person you are praying for has changed or softened their attitude or

2) The prayer time has continued to change and soften YOU... and you just won't care anymore. It will not be your focus.

(and to answer your, that's not such a bad thing :)


*Maggie allowed me to share her thoughts here with a changed name :)

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