• Susan Stopinski

A Better Version of YOU

I find that most people who have a dream or a vision are impatient and would like to be shown a shortcut.

I am no exception. It would be lovely to have someone sweep into my life

and show me that in 3 steps and two weeks everything I have ever hoped

for would be mine!

But that's not reality is it? In the real world it takes time, perseverance, diligence. It takes a willing heart and a strong desire to live a life that is nothing less than fullfilling.

Beverly Sills once said,"There is no shortcut to anyplace worth going"

Truth. Because as always, it's on that journey where our greatest lessons will be learned.

And the larger part of those great lessons? I have learned, as with seemingly everything... they begin with ones self.

So, if you are intentional about changes - within yourself is the perfect place to start.

Life will begin to feel in harmony with your desires if you begin with personal

" WHAT" questions.

What do I need to let go of?

What do I need to hold on to?

What do I dream of?

What do I see when I look in the mirror?

And...What is one change I can make, starting today?

However you choose to say it - future dreams, desires, goals, purposes... these are all by-products of knowing, understanding, bettering and loving yourself FIRST. It's an intregal step towards future dreams; having that confidence of moving forward past the mirror of "you" which just may be holding your productivity back.

Life changes are a CHOICE.

I read once, a list of the top 5 regrets of the dying. You know what

number 1 was?

"I wish I would have had the courage to live a life true to myself"

Where are you at in this moment?

Nothing happens overnight, there are no shortcuts, but WHAT IF...

"WHAT IF ...YOU CHOSE to begin living YOUR life as if YOU already ARE a better version of YOU???"

One day at a then become. No regrets.

And the bonus? Perhaps it is your dream which is one step closer or simply the fact that you are a more happier, confident and content person because you took the time to be true and grow into " you."



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