• Susan Stopinski

Trusting Your Story

I loved the 80's!

I lived in Sunny California hanging at the beach in Santa Cruz. Driving my VW Bug, wearing dorky fluorescent colored clothes, going to a church full of people I considered familia and living in a rundown apartment.

There was pizza and outdoor concerts; amazing friendships and never

enough money.

Except for the tears & fears, anger & sadness threaded throughout it would have been perfect. Or perhaps it was ,despite.

In 1986 I turned 25 years old.

Married for 7 years I was the Mama of a beautiful, spunky 7 year old little girl.

If you had told me then life would change forever; that my husband would walk away, I would never have believed it.

But he did.

And although it felt like the end of my story, it was only meant to be PART of

my story. The new chapter I was given, like it or not, gave me the chance to

write my character differently.

I decided she would not only grow but thrive.

She would look inward and find her wings.

I would take the girl I was and become the woman I was intended to be through much support from friends, family & God in the form of hugs to

hold me up and words that fed my soul.

Most of all... I decided she would trust.

Ah, the 80's!

Most people who knew me then would wonder why in the world I would ever choose to pick that decade as a favorite???

And I would say, "Who would I have been without them?"

I learned some of my sweetest lessons in those years, right along with my

most bitter.

I would say that in the end I learned there is no greater pain than having something taken away you felt was solid; only to discover that there is no greater joy then to see that same pain as a gift of awareness you will be opening daily for the rest of your life.

I would say that sometimes circumstances are out of our control - but if you

are able to keep your eyes open to see the key God hands you, to unlock a

door you never even knew was there, to walk into freedom and finally know that through Him all things truly ARE possible ??

You will find treasure: You will understand trust.

I would not wish the pain of divorce on my worst enemy for the wounds go

far deeper than your life. If children are involved divorce can ripple through

a family like waves of nausea.

Sometimes a marital path becomes two before you know it and sometimes there is no turning back. The only thing for certain then is the question that lays in front of us,

"How will we trust our story moving forward?"

In 1986 I didn't know who I was or even where I was going. But what I HAD

was a WILLING heart and what I said was "yes" to spiritually trusting my story

to God.

You start wherever you are. Wherever your situation places you. You bumble around a bit to find your balance, eat the wrong things and feel a tad worse before you get better.

But trust WILL come knocking again. We can't live in peace without it.

Where are you standing in your story today? Are you facing a situation that

calls for trust and you feel overwhelmed??

Trust is built. On faith. Little by little.

And simple. Like this...

One of my first steps in trust was with my hairdresser. Thats the truth.

I always had long hair. Going through my divorce I somehow felt the need to release some insecurities within by cutting my hair short. Very short!

My hairdresser was actually more scared than me! I told her to turn me away from the mirror while she snipped away. When she turned me around to face that mirror I hardly recognised myself. There was that sharp intake of breath, then the smile. A real smile for the first time in quite awhile!

I could see me. At least the start of me.

The me that would face a road filled with many stumbling blocks but could

see that being willing to trust would always be the best answer to every circumstance, in every year that followed.

With that haircut I began to see even the littlest things matter where trust is involved.

I gained confidence, a new attitude and eventually a new life the afternoon I walked into that salon.

And He said..."Behold, I make ALL things new. And He said to me, "Write this down for it is trustworthy and true." Rev 21:5