• Susan Stopinski

What Shoes do you Pull On?

This morning I watched my new sneakers as I walked, feeling reflective.

I hate to exercise, but I love being outdoors. So I walk. Out and beyond my home to the pond nearby.

Quite some time ago I made the decision to place my shoes beside my bed so they were the first thing I saw when I awoke.

Before I can utter words like ,"Ugh! I dont' feel like walking...I'll walk tomorrow...I need coffee"

Before I can even think... I slip them on my feet.

I start off a little foggy before mind and body connect and then I find myself upon dirt roads, crossing over footbridges, smelling freshly mowed grass, waveing to my neighbor and listening to the strange and magestic sounds of my corner of the world waking up to a new day.

A walk not only exercises my body but my mind is cleared and I breathe deeply of life while

I ponder, dream, create, observe and ask myself questions. I say yes to the day and in return I am prepared the best I can be for what lys ahead.

I essentially have a Ted Talk where God & I are the only ones present.

I have to say, most days it goes pretty well :)

These shoes really are a gift.

They are my reminder when I pull them on and when I take my steps forward that I am not alone in this wild, crazy, beautiful world.

That once upon a time I said yes to a relationship with God ( my first pair of "shoes") and my very soul was changed.

When I walk with Him in my shoes I feel small and yet tall. Together they equal strong.

Feeling strong in an uncertain world? I can think of no sweeter peace than that.

And once again, I'm glad I went for that walk!



* We all begin our days the same, in one way particular way - we open our eyes.

After that, we are unique to what we draw our strength from.

"la vida es dulce y salado" Life is Sweet & Salty. That it is.

What is it you do when you awake?

How do you prepare for the day?

What motivates you, opens you up and roots you in this life to see a given day as a gift instead of a burden to get through?

What shoes do you pull on???

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