• Susan Stopinski

I have always loved Alice...

I have always loved Alice.

She was never afraid to speak her mind, ask questions,voice her fears & doubts.

Her imagination was larger than life yet she was uncertain as to what all that meant for her.

But she chose to be brave and face all the obstacles in her path through the Queen,the rabbit, the Cheshire Cat...

I have always related to Alice. I still have the days where I feel like I'm living in a world that swirls around me, telling me who I should be until I am down in the Rabbit Hole - confused as to where my place is.

I am not immune to listening to negatives, having feelings hurt, not feeling supported.

I am just like you. I can start to question myself, my placement, my purpose. I can find myself slipping and losing my hold again and again. Until I remember how old I am, how short life is and that I have absolutely no time for listening to the voices.

Do you have dreams and desires that get shelved year after year because someone or something tells you:

- It's a crazy idea.

- It will never work.

- You should do "this or that" instead.

- What are you thinking???

- Choose a safer path.

- It is IMPOSSIBLE! There is no use trying.

And so you don't - and so life goes on. Until more time passes, and you call it good.

One thing I know for sure is that God wants so much more for us than we can imagine. We were created for the impossible - built into us is resilience and the capacity to live a meaningful life - to create a life we love. Yes - each and every one of us.

Alice went on a journey, trying to figure out just who she was, not knowing how it all would end.

But you? You know who you are. You are strong, kind, generous, forgiving, bold, poetic, loving, resilient, talented and willing.

Say it with me.

Life is about taking risks and true faith is sometimes as simple as stepping forward and doing it "all-out scared."

So what if the plan doesn't always work out? I have learned so much about what I want and what I do not, just because of taking chances.

So what do you believe? With the future unknown, can you be vulnerable enough to be scared and walk with faith & fear, side by side? To believe in the "impossible" that was placed on your heart? That is what it will take.

Everything will not be tied up in a beautiful package ready for your life to launch into perfection. But if you take the chance on your own heart, aware that your first or your third step may take you in a completely different direction (like Alice) and YET, you will still be a " titch" closer to understanding how the current pieces of your life connect to your future - this is exactly where you will find yourself relaxing into the mystery of it all.

This is your life and it's over in a blink. Make it count.