Garden Surprises & A Cold Corona!

August 11, 2014

  "A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there"


Life isn't just any story. It is yours. It is mine.


Each one ultimately different but as all stories go each one starts off with a goal, a destination, a purpose.


Call it what you want, it is the human dream. And beautifully yours.


I have never talked to a soul, read an essay or watched a documentary on any one persons life where they shared that the life dream they had envisioned for themselves was to be an ugly one. But life happens, right?  Our stories have twists and turns we did not plan and golden dreams get tarnished a bit in the midst of everyday life.


And sometimes at the core of ourselves we can end up in the hidden places of our heart, making choices to control the initial plot because the pain of experiencing our story not ending "quite right"  last time, or the time before...or the time before that, is more than we can bear.


So we pick up our life canvas, our brushes, our paint.

We choose a picture.

Maybe flowers. Yes! I will paint flowers...lots and lots of flowers.

They will be beautiful and there will be no weeds.

There is not room for weeds.

In fact, weeds are not allowed.


And when the weeds do grow...we move faster to remove them.

And the best part of all? Nobody else has to know. Only us. 


And to everyone on the outside? We look beautiful!


On Monday, in the heat of a summers day, I tended to my garden. It had been a couple of busy, crazy weeks and the overgrowth was clearly choking out my few precious veggies I have somehow managed to nurture to an edible state.


I had some questions for God swirling in my heart on top of feeling a bit cranky at everyone in my home for some awkward reason. Just thought I would throw that out there in case someone else can relate!


I went to the garden to breathe and also be productive.


I planted and plucked...for a long 10 minutes.


The sweltering sun, the dry caked dirt and all my wilted flowers should have had me pressing on but truth be told all I really wanted at that point was a cold Corona. Just sayin'.


But then, I noticed the largest weed in the garden. About a foot tall with big leaves, growing right out of the center of my wild strawberry plant a neighbor had allowed me to transplant from her garden to mine several weeks ago.


I pulled hard thinking it would be rooted deep and instead it came out like it was barely attached to the ground, spraying dirt in my face like confetti! A weed?  No. A beautiful surprise - Potatoes! Red potatoes! Apparantly the potato plant had been attached to the strawberry plant from my neighbor!


*My harvest of the day along with my red potatos!


I felt so delighted shaking the dirt from those potatos still clinging to the root. I couldn't stop grinning at how life continues to teach us, like it or not.


You know, we are so often quick to pluck out weeds from our lives thinking they are no good. What if we waited a moment when something went wrong, something wasn't perfect. What if we pondered, relaxed for a moment before we pulled the plug on ____________?


What if it was really o.k that there were a few weeds on our life canvas and that people actually KNEW?? oh my! 


We have no idea how "weeds" will be used. We have no idea if there might be a potato just under the surface - a wonderful surprise that has EVERYTHING to do with the beauty in your life canvas. 


Oh, by the way - the Corona? I brought it to my garden, held the gift of my potatoes in the heat of the day and drank in the cold deliciousness ;) 


Heres to "weeds!"














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