My 3 Favorite Happiness Exercises!

July 16, 2014

"In between goals is a little thing called Life - that has to be lived & enjoyed"  sid caesar


I am crazy about the warmth of the sun on my skin with our beautiful Washington weather; crazy about walking onto my back deck early in the morning wearing shorts and a tee to sip my coffee and contemplate the day ahead. I am crazy about summertime!


My Happiness meter is HIGH!


It's also the time of year when I know I can slip into more

"Me Centered" thoughts than "Others Centered" because I am so busy enjoying all that summer has to offer. And yet,my heart is aware there are still people going through difficult times and beautiful lazy days of summer or not, life does not ease up.


And is lonely.


With this reminder ringing in my heart I decided to share


                          "My 3 Favorite Happiness Exercises" 


These are the exercises I have found through the years that keep my eyes open to the world outside of myself - despite the season.


I would love to share them with you!


Exercise is not just for the body ,it's also for the soul.


The following tips are for a 21 day Challenge (yes,that's 3 weeks) before fall & winter hit. I challenge you to do these simple exercises once a day and eventually they will NATURALLY become part of who you are.


Change of any kind takes consistency. 3 weeks is a good marker.


I know, I don't really like these kinds of blog challenges either, but this is about the power of words! And the best part? It stretches your soul & the impact on others is sweet to behold. Watch & see.


Ready? (you can print this out to keep with you!)



(that can take you into fall & winter with  a summertime smile still on your face :)


Start off by "Being OPEN"


Introducing something new into our everyday can be difficult because it's foreign to our personality. The following exercises are a good first step.


1) You will need an Observation Journal (or a yellow ledger pad or notebook will do) Bottom line - You need paper & pen!                                           Keep this with you all day. If your out & about,carry it in your car or purse. You want to be prepared!


Write down 3 things that you observed today (& every day for the next 21) that made you smile, laugh, feel grateful, etc.


Keep it simple. Your writing an OBSERVATION...not a book! 


Here's one that I wrote today:


"I hear the ice cream truck winding it's way through my neighborhood. Listening to the muscial notes of "Jesus Loves the Little Children" rolling over the roof tops I realize 

tomorrow, that freedom may be gone - but today, in this moment, it is here.

"Everything is it's own way..." I smile.


2) Altruism; 

"Doing something outside of yourself."


    Once a day, do something kind for someone. Yes, that's it...A Random Act of Kindness.


It doesn't have to cost alot, it doesn't even have to cost ANYTHING monetarily. Only your time, and maybe just a moment at that. It's up to you.




 *@ a Coffee House? Buy a coffee or drink for someone you know or a stranger.



 * shopping at a store where you must use the


      "elite discount card" ???? Sometimes the customer in front of you does not have one...step up to the credit machine & swipe yours. 


 * bring flowers to a friend, neighbor or a stranger on the          street (yes, you can find them) Maybe flowers from your        yard? Maybe a tomato!


 * offer to babysit for a Mom who doesn't get alone time too       often.


 * mow someones lawn.


 * buy an ice cream for the neighbor child, from that little       muscial truck :)


You know what to do. Just once a day.


3) Send an email, text or "snail mail note or card" (yeah, remember when you used to do that?) to someone you know & love or go leave it on a strangers doorstep.


Better yet, leave an encouragement note or card for someone at a nursing home, leave it on a shelf in the library, in a shopping cart...title it something like, "If you picked this's for YOU!"


Use your imagination.


Use your powerful words to lift someones spirits.


Let them REMEMBER feeling loved and seen on a summer day in  2014.


Thats it! Each day, 21 days and VERY little time.


Only 3 simple exercises to connect with yourself & then with others.


Summer doesn't last forever, but these exercises implemented into your life can! For you and for somebody else.


I would love to hear your stories. Because...well, there WILL be stories ;)













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