Grace is a Voice

July 30, 2014

I have collected so many quotes on Grace I could probably write a book on those alone. One of my favorites is from Marianne Williamson. I once listened to her speak about difficult relationships.


She says that Grace is a voice. A voice that if your willing to hear will speak in the middle of an argument or difficult encounter with THAT person who may be "your thorn" in life. And Grace simply says;


               "DON'T SAY THAT. Because you will regret it." 


Grace transforms a moment into something better when we hear that voice and act upon it. I have experienced this myself time and time again.


This week ( as so often in the past  ) I encountered many women going through the pain of regret over speaking out emotionally. You know, those times when your head is talking faster than your heart?? I can relate.


We often feel like we have arrived and  "will not go there again...will do it differently this time"  And sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. 


Life is always going to be a process of growth, so if you are reading this and feel like you blew it this week and did not listen to the "First Voice of Grace" - theres another few words you can still say;


"WOW, I'm sorry."


And yes, that is enough for the moment too. Because it's what you have to give. For the moment. So also...give yourself some Grace.


Some of us live with relationships in our lives that we don't get the luxery of walking away from permanently - like a family member.


You are not always going to agree on everything and you may not feel especially connected with them, but one thing we all share and DO KNOW is what it feels like to NOT have someone listen, have patience for you, hear your pain or be in your corner.


Words do hurt, but maybe the pain of the one saying them is even greater?


Today I came across some notes I had from an article on how to treat each other with Grace. I have posted them before on facebook but felt, after this week, it may just be the beautiful reminder somebody needs on this Wednesday. I know that I did :)


Let me know what you think. And yes, it's still o.k. to private message me :)


Warmly, Susan


            Let Us...


Let us respond with patience to the mistakes of our children, spouses & friends.

Even if we've never made such a mistake.

Even if we "saw it coming" 

Even if we are at our wits end.

Because in our memory banks we can all remember standing in some situation with the eyes of judgement upon us.


Let us notice when someone is struggling to get it right, fit in or please. Even if it's not perfect.

Even if their hands shake.

Even if someone else does it better.

Because in our souls we are all hungry for acceptance.


Let us notice each others pain & ambivalence.

Even if we are different. 

Even if we don't wear the same clothes.

Even if we don't have the same job or I.Q.

Because in our hearts - we are more alike than different.


Let us acknowlege each others slip-ups with compassion and greace.

Even if it does cause a mess.

Even if it takes a moment of our time.

Even if it's the last thing we feel like doing.

Because in our eyes we are all just looking for someone to stand beside us in our mess.


- unknown (to me!)



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