What I Know for Sure..."In a Womans Heart there are Places No One Knows"

August 20, 2014

        "It takes Courage to grow up & become who you really are"



        "In a Womans Heart there are Places No One Knows"                     Altered Lives Art Studio- Susan Stopinski


As an Artist and Womens Life Coach I am either placed or step into many situations over and over again where I end up in conversations with women - friends and strangers alike. 


I hear ALOT of stories and insights into a womans day and heart. What I have learned is, there in that heart... are places no one knows.


Professionals, entreprenuers, housewives, stay-at-home Moms, singles, married or divorced - they are busy and wearing many different hats.


But one thing they all have in common?


Most of them have no time to call their own.


I would say that 8 out of 10 women I meet (by the time we talk) are usually at the point of exhaustion and feel that somewhere along the years they lost themselves in the midst of a busy "life painting" where the colors chosen were for survival instead of nourishment for the soul.


And they continue to add to their schedule. To keep up with the neighbors, their place of employment, friends expectations or even what they have allowed their family and even their own children to expect from them.


Of course they are tired.


In the middle of family or an ordinary day it is not selfish to take time for yourself.


That is a lie. It is as necessary as food, exercise and breathing.


​But some did not receive that little memo.


Even Jesus rested, contemplated and took time to lay it all down and evaluate his day.  He understood what it took to be rejevenated and connect with His soul. He knew how to take time. And in doing so He was present  and ready for His purpose. Daily or future.


When we are exhausted we lose an intregal part of our spiritual soul, that part that needs to be fed by time and dialogue with ourselves and with God. That checking in keeps those ribbons of light flowing through to energize and ground who we are in the soul, not just the body.


Without that one can easily become lethargic, cranky, irritable, angry, blaming, closed off or depressed to the changes in life that actually NEED to be made in order to feel true purpose as an individual.


Recognize those feelings? I do. This happens a lot in mid-life when a womans life has been devoted to family, work or both. 


I imagine you, like me, are many things to many people. If you are one of the few who takes time and keeps a healthy balance of nurturing your soul, kudos to you!

I hope you are encouraging those around you to do the same.


If you are stuck and do not seem to know who you are anymore aside from career choice, somebodys wife or somebodys mother... 


If you are feeling that something is missing...


If you are asking "Is this it?"


If you have been less than honest with yourself then maybe it's time to ask 


 " Who am I?"


  If I had to describe myself to someone right this moment ... 


 "Who am I?"   What would I say?  Then write it down. 


Next question "Who do I WANT to be?"  Write it down.


Start taking time each day to nurture THAT part of you.


I guarantee if you nurture the second question, the first will become greatly enhanced because you will have brought balance into your daily life simply by taking time for YOU. It WILL be noticed.


I sometimes hear women answer the second question with 


                                           "I'm afraid to find out."


If this is you, please don't be afraid. You were created to know your unique self in every way possible in order to live the purposeful life that was intended for you as an individual.


It isn't about the "big dream" It's about purposing to be whole in yourself in this next season so you are ready for...? 


Some of us have put away the deeper parts of ourselves in order to adapt to life as we know it but this can end up blocking  joy, fullfillment and yes, even futures when we are not releasing ourselves into taking time for our own unique creative path - whatever that may be for you. 


Life IS busy in this world, no matter our lifestyle, but you have a choice to not lose yourself in the middle. 


No time for YOU? That is also a lie.


You only get one trip around the sun here on this earth. The greatest gift you can allow yourself is the Courage to ask "Who am I  and Who do I want to be???" 


A woman who allows Courage to enter her Soul brings forth a light that shines into every aspect of her life and those surrounding her. 


We have both SEEN those women, right?


They are strong, confident and honest.

They glow. They are REAL.


Well, you know what? We were each born to BE those women.


Take time today for you. Take a walk and get to know yourself and what you want...honestly.


Ask the questions  and allow the courage to begin to go from "adapting to life" to "thriving in life"  


Someday your children will be grown, someday you will retire from that job. And when you stand at that crossroad you won't have to be shocked  - because you took time earlier to explore "Who do I WANT to be?" 


I'm walking it with you. Honestly, one day at a time.







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