Relax !! You ARE on the Path

August 25, 2014

"Do not trouble your hearts much with thought of the road. The paths you each shall tread are already laid before your feet...though you do not see them." J.R.R. Tolkien


Sometimes when we are at a crossroad feeling stuck and not knowing which way to turn we make rash decisions - choices that cost us in the end - emotionally, financially, relationally or even physically.


It's a difficult time if you are questioning the path ahead. But if we can slow down enough to "see" it becomes clear and really in the end, pretty simple.


When I look back on my life I can see that there were not "many paths" as I once had thought. There was only one - and it was mine. I wish I had understood that before I spent so much time searching.


All my choices, good or bad, I had to own. I had to stop comparing "My Path" to someones elses and I began to see that life really was like the Beatles song "The Long and Winding Road"


 And it would lead me if I took it as the gift God gave me.


Along the way it would be muddy, there would be twists & turns, ruts, smooth paved highways, coastline scenery, flat tires, smoking engines and eventually I would learn to pull into those little rest stops where they serve coffee and sometimes if your lucky, cookies.


I would learn there the joy of looking at the road as a child would. Ever notice how a rest stop after a long car ride is their chance to run, play & enjoy the freedom of a moment?


I would learn to take time to reflect. 


I would learn to not be in such a hurry to reach my destination


I would learn the truth in Tolkiens words above, "...the paths you tread are already laid before your feet...though you do not see them."


We spend so much time searching for truth and trying to find programs that tell us we can be a new person, find our dreams or change our lives in some kind of 6 week, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year or 5 year "plan" that we can become blind to whats in front of us.


It all looks good on paper, and may even work for some people but the real power in change is in words and attitude...not a planner book of

" pull up your bootstrap do's and don'ts" to a better life.


Your future goals? They start today, right where you are. Right on that ugly path, hard path, confused path, stuck path, wondering path, irritated path,"is this all there is?" path. You get the picture.


A purposeful future starts today. THATS the plan.


It starts with acknowledging & aligning your ordinary day with a new thought process; new encouraging words in exchange for negative ones; getting to know yourself in an honest authentic way; taking chances on a Tuesday; facing fears you have in a situation, being vulnerable with "that person"...


The future begins today with whatever individual steps you need to make and eventually you will step into:


WHO you want to be.

WHAT you may want to do and

WHERE you may end up.


Don't wait for tomorrow. You know, when you can get the planner book and search the internet or read yet another book on how to reshape your life?


"...the paths you tread are ALREADY laid before your feet..."


Don't spend so much time and energy thinking or wondering about "Your path in life"


Your on it. Step one is beneath your feet. 


Dont get blinded by all the self-help that can keep you coming back for more and more until you have expended all your energy on a million "self-help to do lists"  


I know you already have the answers - and you will hear them right in the midst of your everyday life. In the midst of your children playing, dinner to be made, running late for work, pta meetings, zumba..


THIS is where you start to align your life. THIS is where you begin to understand balance.


Remember how to do this? By taking TIME for you (read last weeks post again!)


The strength you gain from taking that time on the path you're on now will bring an inner peace that will flow from you to family, work, school and to others because you will feel more energized, aligned, content and balanced.


You will move forward and won't even notice that you are not at the crossroad anymore.


You are now on main street and I can see you smiling...because I'm there too!







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