"The Unraveling"

November 14, 2014

I have created some of my most creative art pieces during some of my most difficult

and darkest days; days of change.


It is where my soul begins to ask the questions my mind has refused to acknowledge. 


We all have them, those dark times of change. And we all have different coping mechanisms. Whether we are vulnerable and brave enough to share them

with ourselves over coffee or on a walk with someone else, or not at all...

we all have them.


We are in the midst of divorce, moving, parenting, recovery, loss or trauma,

empty nest ,dead end jobs, retiring...


Change can be frightening and we can feel we have lost our way.


I have heard  "dark times "  referred to as "an unraveling" by author

& speaker Brene Brown.


As a word person, I like that.

"An unraveling"


Somehow, it sounds so much gentler to me than a "crisis" 


Like a new story is about to be birthed.


An unraveling gives me the picture of someones sweater starting to come apart.


With just one little snag begins the journey of a hole that gets out of control.




But nothing is really out of control if we are willing to face our moments with vulnerability. Because there is hope in the allowing of those holes, those openings.

They change you and teach you to love and value yourself and life wholeheartedly.


If you are going through a  moment right now that feels like a dark swirling spiral,

don't feel afraid to be vulnerable and don't be afraid to reach out to somebody.


Allowing yourself to unravel will be the bravest step you ever took, especially if

you have been used to being the strong one. 


It is in the initial unraveling, the first loose thread you see where you will want

to stop and try to patch the holes, but if the holes are there in the first place,

our God is about doing a new thing and He will knit you together in a fashion that

is everything you NEVER dared to hope for yourself.


A new way of life, living or way of thinking about ourselves can come into our day disguised as a never-ending black hole. But it's just that, a disguise.


It is what you do not see now that will be your greatest gift in the end.


A new story to tell.










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