"The Colors of My Life"






















If you were to see my Life Journey as a map it would look like the squiggled red lines on a road atlas.


When I was 18 years old my first child was born into my world of clueless uncertainty. Little did I

know she would be the very soul to ground me and also help me find my wings.

There were detours, dead ends, road blocks and camping grounds involved where I was altered in ways I

never knew I needed when my trip first began.


So is the way of life ... if we allow.


Essential to my creative well-being are my passions as an artist, writer, poet, dreamer, decorator & gardener

of the soul; all tethered tightly within my faith & family.


Through the years God showed me these would speak to my heart in the middle of murkey waters or clear

and if Willing, I would hear my answers.


 He was right.


These very passions would one day lead me to a walk with Jesus who led me to find my own voice which led 

me to people and places that all took part in helping me find the right brushes & paint for the canvas of my



 My family means the world to me.They keep me rooted even as I fly!  Married to an incredibly supportive 

 man and my best friend, I also have two children who have grown into pretty amazing individuals that I would    like even - if they were not mine!


 Throughout the past 25 years I have taught in various school venues ( public, private, homeschool) and  mentored/encouraged women of all ages through Home Life Groups. Each has made me a better person just for knowing them.


 While having the honor to listen and observe others lives close up, I realized how much more alike than different  we each really are, deep inside.


 In winter of 2005 the desire to tell these common stories through artistic expression took hold of me. (you can view them on The Altered Lives of Women video here!)


 By spring 2005 the same "desire" took a turn towards "need" when my own daughter was diagnosed with breast   cancer at age 25. How do you walk forward with the unknown when your child is hurting? For me, I picked up a paintbrush and began to layer my first canvas with a lifetime of colors pent up inside me. It was then I first began to see life in color, in black & white. No promises. Just Perfectly Imperfect.


 Thus my passion for the souls connection to art, the beautiful creativity in a single day and the pure gratefulness

 for life and the understanding of how each and every one of us has been given a message to live out; altered, broken, strong, joyful - our message will change, grow, be rearranged and yet we will still rise in the morning. 


The human resilience is a true miracle indeed. Welcome to Life!